Chicago: Day 1

The City: Chicago

The Kids: Drama Geeks

The Time: Now

Armed with only their top-notch brains and Hamilton references, the 12 members of the 2017 Chicago theater trip ventured out into a strange land known as Chi-Ka-Go. Ancient lore holds that this kingdom of the Northern realm lingers in a near-perpetual winter and that those who sojourn from the Southern territories find the cold unbearable, often freezing in place in the early hours as they search futilely for a bowl of grits. Our brave travelers though found no such frigidity as they embarked upon their first full day of activity under an ablution of bright sunshine. 

First on the agenda was the obligatory Untouchables tour where they were lead around the city by Matches Malone and Johnny “The Best Wheelman in Chicago” Rocco. For over an hour, Matches and Johnny Rocco recounted tales of Chicago’s corrupt and scandalous past, spinning yarns about gangsters with such noms-de-crime as “Diamond Joe” Esposito, “Machine Gun” Magurn, and, of course, Al “Big Al/Scarface/Snorky” Capone. Upon existing the tour, all in the group felt confident that if we ran out of money before the trip was over, we now possessed the peccant acumen to quickly procure a little something “on the side.”

Next was a trip to famed eatery Portillo’s where our hungry, newly-minted hoodlums wolfed down some Chicago dogs and Italian beef sandwiches before heading across town, by Wrigley-field (currently under construction — boo), and finally arriving at Pride Arts Center for a brief acting workshop with theater director Rachel Harvith. Having so manipulated their Mask and accessed their Affective Memory, the thespians were now ready for the day’s main event: a 7:30 showing of Hamilton.

One would like to temper the reactions of our young audience members post-viewing, although words such as “life-changing,” “glorious” and “oh my God ahhhhhhhhh!” were used. All in attendance were also able to meet a few cast members at the stage door after the show, including the actors who played King George, George Washington, Elizabeth Schuyler, and Angelica Schuyler. All in all, there were a lot of tears, a lot of smiles, and a general feeling of euphoria that resonated throughout the whole group. 

Waking up on Saturday, it’s hard to imagine that we have only been here one day. Who knows what sort of exciting and revelatory moments wait in store for us in the coming 24-hours!


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