In JHB … Onward to Lesotho

It was good to land at Oliver Tambo International after a long, but uneventful, flight! After a very slow line at immigration, we headed to our hotel for dinner and good night of sleep.

Flying over South Africa

Approaching the JHB airport

The team waiting to get on the bus to get to our hotel!

This morning we were able to sleep in a little, have breakfast and do a group meeting. Katie Mahon introduced the tenets of Social Emotional Intelligence as a framework for thinking about leadership.  The tenets are: 1. Self Awareness; 2. Self Management; 3. Social Awareness and 4. Relationship Management. We will be practicing these skills together throughout the trip in order to build a foundation for ethical leadership.

Right now we are waiting for out bus transfer back the airport where we will catch a short flight to Lesotho. We are excited to be able to get to the Kick-4-Life Center, and the kids are really excited about being able to play some five-a-side tonight!!


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