Rainforests and reefs!

Our second day in Cairnes began with a lovely hike through the rainforest at Mossman Gorge with our guide Skip. He told us stories about the aboriginals that live there, their history, beliefs as well as the kinds of plants and animals that live in the area. Beautiful!


Our next stop was Fitzroy Island where we packed in for a night of camping and a couple days of snorkeling on the fridge of the Great Barrier Reef. We also visited a sea turtle rehabilitation center and took a lovely morning hike up to a light house all right near our camp site! Our brilliant marine biologist, Maggie gave a couple lectures to the kids on animals we would see out on the reef as well as informed us on the positive and negative impact humans have on the sea life.


On on our final day in Cairnes, we took a ferry to the outer reef for more snorkeling. Students spotted everything from Dolphins, sea turtles, amazing corral and even a small shark! The waters were absolutely breathtaking and Mrs. Harris even got to meet the skipper and drive the boat! (While it was on autopilot of course)




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