Day 10

Whose bright idea was it to take a 3am flight? We dropped our bags at the hotel at about 6:30am and headed out to see Buenos Aires for one more day before flying back to the states. Some members of the group caught quick cat naps in the airport.

We arrived in Buenos Aires at about 6:30am. We changed clothes, ate breakfast, and then headed out for what would be a 13+ mile walk around town. We visited the Botanical Gardens, the Museo Nacional De Bellas Artes, and some local markets. We also stumbled across a St. Patrick’s Day festival. After a full day of sight seeing the group ate lunch, indulged in some ice cream, and boarded a bus for the airport. The students will fly through the night and arrive in Atlanta just before 6am. It has been a fantastic trip and we are all sad that it must come to an end.



Alex engages some locals in conversation.


The group at the Botanical Gardens.


The group takes a break to enjoy the park and discuss their favorite moments of the trip.


Lacey and Katie admire Rodin’s “The Kiss.”


Carolyne, Annie, and Carson admire an impressionist piece.


Max is excited for his pork sandwich lunch.


Katie, Lacey, and Max enjoy a relaxing lunch in the park.


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