Japanese High School

We spent the day at Shibuya High School. The first part of the visit was partnering with Tokyo University of Foreign Studies students who were also visiting the school to work on English skills with the Japanese students. The students spoke in English to us about their experiences in Hiroshima. Many of them described the shock they felt seeing the effects of the bomb, and they prepared us for our visit. Some offered advice on what sweets to buy or what food to try, and some warned about kleptomaniac deer.
After we finished our discussions in those English classes, we also discussed “the American Dream” with a class for students who had studied abroad in English-speaking countries. Although we had not read The Grapes of Wrath, the book they were studying, we were able to contribute ideas and our own insight about the American experience. After the school day ended, we helped the students clean the classrooms, a daily practice in Japanese schools. Finally, the students held a welcome party for us, and performed two dance numbers that, we were told, were prepared in less than a day. We did our best to reciprocate with a cheer, led by our resident cheerleaders, as well as with a rendition of “the nae nae”. After some time to mingle, we ended the party with some karaoke.




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