Civil Rights Trip – Day 1

Stretching our legs in a “magical time machine” at the Rosa Parks Museum was a relief after a long bus ride. That certainly did not take away from the important stories that we heard about civil rights cases. Many pictures depicted the emotions of discriminated black people. We experienced Rosa Park’s true story through a video reenactment. She was treated with severe rudeness even though she had not broken the law.

Our next stop was where we got to learn about the march. We answered a questionnaire in the museum using the information around us. The journey for the marchers lasted five restless days full of danger. We learned about the role President Lyndon B. Johnson and Governor George Wallace had to play during and after the march.

To finish off the day, we spent some time goofing off at a science museum. It was surprising that bubbles, steam, and mind-games could entertain us all. We have had a great first day, especially with the surprise visit from Mrs. Hayes.

By: Nicole O

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