Arrival in La Paz

After the very emotional dedication on Thursday we went back to the hotel to swim in the pool, grab some food, and just relax before our flight to la Paz. There were many reminders to take our altitude medication, as many people were nervous about entering the high altitude of la Paz. However, only the most physically and mentally tough travelers refused to take the medicine, as the high altitude has little to no effect on them. Anyway, we arrived safely in “el alto” airport and quickly made our way to an enormous tourist bus that would take us to our hotel, yet on the way down from the airport we stopped by a high cliff side to admire the absolutely incredible view of La Paz at night. All the lights in the city combined to make what looked like one giant light show. This view was easily one of the most amazing I’ve ever seen, and trying to find words for it is nearly impossible, yet we were only surprised further when we arrived at our hotel, which turned out to be an extremely luxurious 5 star hotel. Not to mention very comfortable beds, which most of us were happy to take advantage of after a long day of travel. Written by Robert Brooks

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