Bolivia Build 3

The third day of the build was filled with a lot of wind and dust. We split up into two groups; one group continued digging a hole to move dirt into foundation for a house while the other group filled gaps in the bricks with cement. After our first break, we walked with Marilou, one of the new homeowners, to one of the local schools where her son Carlito goes. The walk was very windy and dust flew everywhere, getting in our eyes and sticking to our bodies. When we got to the school, kids in the playground saw us and ran up to the gate, yelling and screaming with excitement. For us to get in, one of the teachers at the school had to make the children get out of the way to open the gate. The kids swarmed us and were particularly excited to talk to Callie, who stuck out with her blonde hair, pale skin and blue eyes. We went from classroom to classroom and talked to the kids. We walked back to the worksite and had a delicious lunch. While eating lunch, Mr. Hattori gave us a lot of riddles and we tried solving them together for the rest of the day. We went back to work but ended a little earlier than usual so we could get back to the hotel in time for the traditional dances of Bolivia we were going to watch. After having dinner at the hotel, we went to a high school in an area of Santa Cruz, La Guardia. Our host was a man who was a beneficiary of a Habitat house and was very excited to show us the performance. The night was filled with a variety of elaborate costumes and amazing dances, representing many different regions in Bolivia, performed by a local dance academy of all ages. We were also enlightened with two songs accompanied by live guitar. The performance ended with the dancers getting every one of us up off our feet and leading us in different Bolivian dance. The night concluded with us getting some frozen yogurt and packing our suitcases to leave the hotel the next day. Written by Larine Hamied

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