Work x2

Part 2: after half a day of hard work we had a fabulous work site lunch complete with the most heavenly peach juice ever experienced. After a few games with the kids however, it was back to work digging up some nice big holes for dirt to pack under the floors. As we said here we were getting “swol.” After several more hours of work we then went to play a quick game of soccer with the younger kids. During the game however, William Rushton took a nasty slide and dislocated his shoulder. It was all fixed though when on the bus ride to the hospital the bumpy road relocated with a big jolt. That night we enjoyed a bolivian dinner for the ages at the restaurant MED where barbecued ribs, steaks, and various sandwiches were to be had. After dinner very little else was to occur due to an extremely tiring day and the obvious need for sleep. Buenas noches.

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