Day 6

We wake up and get dressed for the day. We ate breakfast at the hotel and then go to meet in the lobby. In the lobby the chaperones inform us, because of pouring rain, that we will not be able to go to Capri so we would have three hours to shop in Sorrento. We split into groups and go shopping at sunglasses, leather, and jewelry stores. After we shop we go to the hotel to meet the chaperones in the lobby. They tell us we have a hour and a half to eat lunch. We ate lunch at the same place we ate the night before. After lunch we meet the chaperones in the lobby. They tell us that all the public transportation in Sorrento is on strike, so we will have three hours of free time in the hotel.

So we go to the hotel room and blast Journey, The Beatles, and Van Halen. After our jam session we go down to the terrace to mess around. Next we went to Miss Peterson’s room to get Clay’s hair and mine straightened by Taylor and Amanda. After our hair makeovers we played Blackjack and Poker. When we were back in our room we got a call from Miss Peterson that they were extending our free time for another hour. Then we played more card games until the meeting time at 5:00

At five we go down to the lobby and are informed that we will be going bowling! We walk through Sorrento and arrive at the bowling ally. We get our bowling shoes and begin to bowl. The leading scorer of the night was Mr. Anthony. After we finished bowling we walked back to the hotel in pouring rain. From the hotel we split up into groups for dinner. After walking into one restaurant that we were way under dressed for we eventually found another restaurant. We were the only ones inside. After eating an amazing meal we go back to the hotel in pouring rain and go to bed.

– Ben Thompson








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