Hola from Costa Rica!

Our arrival to the beautiful land of Costa Rica went without a hitch–well, discounting David M’s extended conversation with the immigration agent and Nathan S’s brief detour at customs. We were whisked from the airport to CPI Heredia, our Spanish language school.  We had a typical “Tico” lunch of chicken with rice, beans, plantains, and salad and took a placement test for the classes we’ll be taking each weekday morning while we’re here. From there, the school bus deposited our weary bodies in front of the house of our “family tica.” (“Tico” means “Costa Rican.”) As we waited for the bus at 7:45 this morning, we had fun sharing stories from our first night with our families. The consensus: los Ticos are unbelievably nice people!

More as a full itinerary and fickle Internet gods allow!


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