Greece day 9

We woke up on Crete and, after breakfast, we headed to an ancient monastery hike. Our first stop on the trail was a huge cave that had been worshipped in for a very long time. In the cave was a rock that had supposedly once been a bear, but because it was chasing a saint, God turned it into a stone. There was also a shrine to the Virgin Mary there. Farther down the trail was an ancient monastery that had been built into the mountain. One of the rooms still had windows and a door so you could still see the paintings on the wall. The other rooms were not so well preserved but we did find one room with a full grown tree growing through the middle of it and a dead goat-ewwwwww. At the site was also a really old bell (that I rung :P) and a water well. On the way back up the mountain found a shrine in a cave off to the side. It seems like whenever someone finds a big enough space they put a shrine there-it makes everywhere seem a little nicer. We thought going down the twisting trail was hard enough( it was covered in slippery, uneven rocks) but going up it was even worse. It was like a stair master 5,000,000! But once we got to the top the monastery down the road was full of cooler air.
This monastery was so beautiful. The outside was amazing- covered in flowers and other plants but the inside was spectacular. The entire sanctuary was covered in gold, silver, colored glass, carved wood, and hand painted paintings. We had such a great time.
Next we drove to the airport and checked in. After grabbing lunch we boarded the plane, and after being in the air for twenty-five minutes and eating some amazing airplane food( I’m not being sarcastic) we landed in Athens and drove to our hotel.
We slept for a little but then went to see the Parthenon. It was so amazing to see the giant structure still standing. They’re currently restoring it so it had scaffolding all around it. I can’t wait to see it once it’s restored. We also saw the Theatre of Dionysus and an amazing view of the city.
For dinner we went to a really pretty restaurant with amazing food (I had the Moussaka) Quin and Mia went into an ice cream shop to get dessert but we had to go so they had to cancel their order. Let’s just say the owner wasn’t too happy about that…. Then went to the site of the first modern Olympics. On the way back to the hotel we stopped for gelato and hung out outside for a little. When we returned to the hotel we all went to our rooms and crashed after a very long day.
~written by Tory D. and Quin














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