List of Compliments

Dear Parents and friends!

We have loved Charleston! We are currently headed back on the bus…the kids have been amazing. I am so proud of them. We wanted to share some of our compliments:
1. At the aquarium, the docent said the students asked great questions, we’re well behaved, and very smart.
2. At city hall the security guard said they were the future leaders of America and they were well behaved.
3. A patron of California dreaming came over to the teacher table and said he could not believe how quiet and well behaved the students were.
4. The park ranger at Ft Sumter was impressed with how engaged the students were.
5. At the hotel we received so many compliments! The manager said that they always get complaints when there is a school group there, but not only did they not receive negative comments, they got compliments! They said they had never seen such a great group!

Miss Rhodes, Ms. Forb, Mr. Lefever, and Mrs. Elliott


  1. Gail Starr

    The compliments are REALLY for the amazing teachers. Without you guys, who knows what shenanigans they’d attempt! Thank YOU!

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