Day Two: Record high temps for today

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Thank goodness for the breeze.

This morning we separated into two groups and each group took a house. The girls got an elderly man’s house closer to the church. The house was boarded up, so we aren’t sure what happened to the homeowner. It looked like he had a backyard shed/garage that came down and the big trucks couldn’t get back there to get everything, so the girls and Mr. Smith (the only guy in our group) were responsible for moving all the debris to the front yard. The boys’ group was a few streets down. They had to remove trees and debris from a piece of land that once had a house on it, but it was bulldozed recently. In order to rebuild, the city needed all the debris from the back cleaned up and brought to the front of the yard, so the truckers could take it.

The girls were fascinated with the house to which they were assigned. The man who owned the home must have kept a lot of memories in his backyard shed. In the rubble we found old radio user manuals, many books about teaching Bible study, and what caused many an “awwwww” among our romantic teenage girls — letters home to his wife from when he served in the military during WWII. I think that particular assignment took longer than it should have because they took a little extra care sifting through the old man’s things. The girls set up a table of any personal items they found just in case the owner decides to come back home. The girls are going to check with the church — and we have his name, Mr. Hilt — to see if there is a way to get his things back to him.

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