The Attack of the Killer Bugs

Still no internet at home so it looks like I will be getting to know this McDonalds pretty well! Lucky for me, it is by far the nicest McDonalds I have ever seen or been in. Looking back on these past two days, it seems as though a lot has happened but in reality we haven’t been through nearly as much as we did when we were traveling to Nice.
Yesterday was sort of an uneventful day. We went to class, ate lunch, and window shopped for about 5 hours. It was pretty exhausting because we did not go home before dinner but it was good because we got to explore even more! We all went to dinner together at a restaurant on the port called Le Nautique. Dinner was exquisite, everyone loved their food and Mr. Matanes even made friends with the people sitting next to us! We were waiting for our desert for what seemed like forever when we started noticing these little bugs flying everywhere around our table. It got to be a little ridiculous, and we began to freak out a little bit. We had to start killing the bugs and we counted about fifty of them on the table. It was so gross!!
Sorry guys, I had some technical difficulties and half of my post just got deleted!!! I am so frustrated, oh well. I have more to tell you about our trip to Eze and more about the killer bugs but I guess that will have to wait until next time since my computer is about to die! Stay tuned for news on Eze, and on our agenda is a journey to a Russian church and a trip to a French movie theater.
Au Revoir and until next time,

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